Drug related offenses

A sign at the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport warns arriving travelers that drug trafficking is a capital offense in the Republic of China. (photo taken in 2005)

Some countries that retain the death penalty for murder and other violent crimes do not execute offenders for drug-related crimes. Countries that have statutory provisions for the death penalty for drug-related offences as of 2012 include:

· Afghanistan

· Bangladesh

· Brunei#

· People's Republic of China[84]

· Republic of China[85]Also available on Chinese Wikisource.

· Cuba#

· Egypt

· Indonesia

· Iran

· Iraq

· Kuwait

· Laos#

· Malaysia

· Oman

· Pakistan

· Saudi Arabia

· Singapore

· Somalia

· Sri Lanka#

· Thailand

· Vietnam

· United Arab Emirates

· United States[86]

· Yemen

· Zimbabwe#


(#) The capital punishment was not used in the last 10 years (or has a moratorium in Drug related offenses effect)

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