Vocabulary Practice.

The Schemer

Chapter 4: Digging Deeper

1. Active Vocabulary. Before listening to the story learn the following words and expressions.



bury the hatchet

character flaw


to top oneself




police badge




bad blood


scruffy-locking man


did a runner


wear off




hang around

slip out

to bunk

on circuit

charge sb with


Write down and practise reading the following extract. Imitate the intonation of the speaker.

Natalie, Elvira and Hudson prudently excused themselves before even taking a sip of their drinks… "Hello, Mrs Gladstone. We would like to talk to Laura again, if she is home," Hudson said.

Comprehension check.

1. Fill in the names: Hudson, Elvira, Shelley Gladstone, Laura Gladstone, Frances, the receptionist at Vocabulary Practice. St Mary's

1. __________________________ was playing a computer game.

2. __________________________ saw the movie "Midnight Sky".

3. __________________________ tried to commit suicide in the past.

4. __________________________ was left by her partner for a work colleague.

5. __________________________ tried to avoid speaking to Inspector Hudson.

6. __________________________ has a good knowledge of schizophrenia due to their work.

2. Choose the right answer:

1. Hudson and Elvira leave Andrew's house because

a) they have nothing more to ask.

b) they know Andrew wants to go and visit his wife.

c) they have an appointment to go to.

2. Shelley knows that Charlotte tried to commit suicide because

a) the paramedics told her.

b) she spoke to Charlotte.

c Vocabulary Practice.) she overheard the paramedics talking.

3. Frances is at St Mary's mental hospital because

a) she has to collect her medication.

b) she has a session with her psychiatrist.

c) she lives at the hospital.

4. When Hudson first sees Frances he thinks that she looks

a) as crazy as he had expected.

b) nothing like her sister.

c) more normal than he had expected.

5. Laura sneaks out of the house to

a) see her boyfriend.

b) avoid Hudson and Elvira.

c) avoid her mother.

Vocabulary Practice.

. Explain the meaning of the following words. Recall the situations where they were used.

groggy, bury Vocabulary Practice. the hatchet, to top oneself, nutcase, bad blood, stakeout, do a runner, bunk off something, freak out

2. Find the pair of synonyms

(fighting, speedily, deserving, battling, worthy, depressing,quickly, disheartening, friendly, affable)

1. ______________________________ ___________________________________

2. ______________________________ ___________________________________

3. ______________________________ ___________________________________

4. ______________________________ ___________________________________

5. ______________________________ ___________________________________

3. Fill in the gaps with the words from Active Vocabulary.

  1. I would be a big enough person to _____________________ with my ex-husband's new wife.
  2. I heard the _____________________ next-door tried to _____________________. Sounds to me like someone wanted some attention.
  3. Hudson always _____________________ at the effect a police _____________________ had on some people.
  4. Charlotte hated me for it and there has been _____________________ between us ever since.
  5. It was a favorite defense Vocabulary Practice. for criminals who were looking to avoid a jail _____________________.
  6. Two and a half hours later the _____________________ had definitely _____________________ for Elvira

4. Fill in the prepositions: around for on out to with

  1. The woman was convinced that the government had hired her colleagues to spy______ her because she was planning to write a book ______ the perfect loaf of bread.
  2. I suppose I can't really blame her ______ hating me, though.
  3. Laura was not going to hang______ to find out what they wanted. She quickly got the key for the kitchen door and slipped ______ the back way again.
  4. I was bunking ______ my boyfriend Vocabulary Practice., Greg. I didn't want Mum to know, she would freak ______."
  5. It was the only movie she could think of that was currently ______circuit.
  6. Laura had just got inside when the doorbell rang. Her heart fell ______her shoes.

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